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Degrees & Continuing Education

2014 MFA, Mills College (CA)
2011 Small Metals Concentration, Penland School of Crafts (NC)
2008 Fundamentals of Drawing, UC Berkeley Extension (CA)
2007 Drawing & Painting Concentration, Penland School of Crafts (NC)
2006 Clay Sculpture Independent Study, University of Washington (WA)
2006 Clay Sculpture Workshop, Penland School of Crafts (NC)
2005 Clay Sculpture Concentration, Penland School of Crafts (NC)
1992 BA Film Production, Humboldt State University (CA) 

Awards & Residencies

2008 Vermont Studio Center Resident Artist (VT)
2007 Soto-Cordova Studios Visiting Artist (NC)
2006 Penland School of Crafts Winter Rental (NC)
2006 Penland School of Crafts Full Scholarship (NC)
2005 Penland School of Crafts Work-Study Scholarship (NC)
1994 San Francisco Chronicle Top 100 Restaurants (CA)
1991 Humboldt State Film Festival Emerging Artist Award (CA) 

Teaching and Work with the Community

2013 Mills College, Teaching Assistant, objects perform (CA)
2007 Penland School of Crafts, Teaching Assistant, watercolor (NC)
2006 Shady’s Café, Curator/Designer, fine dining exhibition fundraiser (NC)
2004-2005 San Francisco Arts Commission Gallery, Committee Member (CA)
2001 Creativity Explored, Teaching Assistant (CA)
1999 S.O.G. Studios, Instructor (CA)
1991 Chez What, Chef/Designer, French soul food underground restaurant (CA) 


2013 “Materials Matter” Seagergray Gallery (CA)
2013 “MFA Fundraiser” Incline Gallery (CA)
2012 “Under a Red Cloud” The Signature Shop & Gallery (GA)
2012 ”The Plate Show” Penland Gallery (NC)
2012 “Flock,” Quirk Gallery (VA)
2010 “Studio Artist Show,” The Signature Shop & Gallery (GA)
2008 “The Dog Days of Summer,” The Signature Shop & Gallery (GA)
*2007 “The Space Between,” NoneSuch Space (CA)
2006 “The Winter Show,” Firefly Restaurant (CA)
2006 “Window Box,” Farley’s Coffee (CA)
2006 “Configuration,” Penland Gallery (NC)
2005 “Clay, Paper, Metal,” LRM Gallery (CA)
2004 “Bow’s Art,” Adobe Gallery (CA)
2004 “Solstice,” LRM Gallery (CA)
1992 Breasts, Ann Arbor Film Festival (MI)
1990 “Winged Cups,” Van Duser Gallery (CA)
1990 Under the Floor Boards, Humboldt Film Festival (CA) 

*solo show

Work Experience

2005-present Veva Edelson Ceramics, Studio Artist (CA & NC)
2003-2005 Shawn McAllin Construction, Project Manager/Designer (CA)
1998-2000 Northstar Restaurant, Owner/Founder (CA)
1998-2000 The Little Dipper Bakery, Owner/Founder (CA)
1993-2003 Firefly Restaurant, Owner/Founder (CA)
1992 CROW Films, Collaborator (OR) 


2008 “Upfront” image, Ceramics Monthly
2006 “Guerilla Gourmet” article, San Francisco Chronicle
2004 “Afterglow” article, San Francisco Bay Guardian
2003 “Restaurants on the Fringe and Thriving” article, New York Times

** Click here to view printable version of resume